Usual Daycare Activities For Children With Special Needs

Enrolling a child in daycare offers them an entertaining and engaging learning experience. As the right daycare can help prepare a child for school and can lead to better academic performance

Specialized daycare programs can help tailor to special needs children. They offer a nurturing and stimulating environment for them to spend their day. This boosts interaction with others and helps them to work on their own unique skill sets. 

Yet, it's important to choose a daycare program that places focus on education. As well as physical and cognitive development. So, which learning activities can you expect a daycare to offer your child?

Read on for the best daycare activities for children with special needs. 

Music and Instruments 

Music and instruments are fun and engaging activities for special needs children. It helps to evoke emotions and allow self-expression through movement. Music also gets used as a therapeutic tool to help children with autism

Children will enjoy sitting in a circle and listening to music. Daycares often play sing-a-long tunes and Disney favorites. This encourages engagement in the child as they may sing, clap, or stomp their feet to the beat. 

Music can get made into a hands-on activity when the child also plays with instruments. This can help hand-eye coordination. 

It can also strengthen both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. This can enhance a daycare's speech therapy programs. 

Music can also be therapeutic for a special needs child. It can create a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body. 

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are an important part of physical and mental childhood development. As they help with coordination and motor skills.

Visual arts also offer a means of self-expression. Yet, they can even help the child to better comprehend other subjects, like literature. 

These are also great activities for kids with special needs to express a creative side. They will enjoy coloring, painting, molding clay, and jewelry making.

Daycares may also offer special craft ideas to increase a child's focus. Such as using shredded paper to make fake floral bouquets. This lets the child work with shapes and colors to create something beautiful.  

Building Blocks and Legos 

Building activities boost a child's imagination and thought process. They are also great special needs preschool activities to help to work on fine motor skills. Children will enjoy playing with and piecing together building blocks or legos.

Building with big foam or plastic blocks can also be a social activity. As it increases the opportunity for engagement with others.

Playing with building blocks at a young age can also boost a child's math and science skills. It can also help hone other spatial skills like technology. 

Sensory Bins or Tables 

A sensory table offers a whole range of special needs activities. As it uses different objects to offer a sensory experience for the child to interact with. It also makes for a good break idea activity to help avoid over-stimulation. 

The table features calming activities, like playing with sand, water, or colorful gravel. It may also offer play dough, suction cups, feathers, and ribbons. Other items to grasp include cotton balls, dried beans, rice, beads, and buttons. 

This lets them experiment with different textures so they can use all their senses. As children can touch, dig, pour, and squish the different objects. Sensory tables also work to keep children content for longer periods of time. 

Puzzles and Toys

Puzzle activities for special needs students help to increase their focus. As they get to work on tasks that can challenge cognitive thinking. 

Puzzle games also help them to recognize shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. They will enjoy matching up different halves, like circles or squares. 

Bouncy toys are also a great daycare activity. Children find them fun and they inspire movement. Another benefit of daycare activities is that they encourage playtime with others. 

Smaller babies will enjoy activity floor mats. These encourage tummy time and crawling. They also help to develop motor skills. Mats often include mirrors which entertain and engage babies.  

Storytime Corner 

A well-stocked daycare library is essential for a child's learning and imagination. Children's stories inspire them and help them to learn and recognize words and images. 

Storytime also often involves children by asking them questions. Or letting them turn the pages or pick out the book of the day. Hand puppets can also get used to help act out book characters. 

Books also include important lessons in life. These teach children about making friends, overcoming fears, and learning new things. 

Before a child starts daycare, be sure to share the roster of fun activities with them. As this can further help to prepare your child for starting a daycare program.

The Great Outdoors

Playing outside offers a change of scenery in a daycare's daily routine. If the child is in a wheelchair, they may enjoy going for a short stroll outside. This offers them some sunshine and fresh air. 

There are also many supervised recreational activities for the child to engage in. As most daycare's offer a playground or play area outdoors. 

Children can enjoy playing with hula hoops, bouncy balls, and colorful chalk. These help to improve movement, balance, and motor skills. 

Your child may also enjoy group games that get played outside. These include Simon Says or Mother May I.

Group games help spur interaction and the decision-making process. They can also help the child to learn to listen to and follow instructions. Treasure hunts and outdoor water tables are other enjoyable activities. 

Daycare Facilities That Offer the Best Activities for Children with Special Needs 

Daycare can provide an exciting and engaging learning environment for special needs children. This also gives the parent peace of mind when they need to go back to work. 

These daycare programs offer a range of activities for children with special needs. This can help them hone their motor skills and cognitive thinking. As well as improve communication and interaction with others.  

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