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 Why Our Special Needs Child Care Center is Unique 

Our mission is to enhance the growth and development of each child with an individualized Plan of Care that sets measurable goals of progress. This involves clinical care, therapy services and educational activities.


How We Do It

 Sunshine does not subscribe to a one-size-fits all approach. From the medical administration to tube feed and tracheostomy care, to physical, speech, and occupational therapy, we provide the essential special needs child care you are looking for while also incorporating enriching educational activities. Additionally, our program offers stimulation and safe interaction with other children. Rest assured that our medical team focuses on helping your special needs child achieve as much function and independence as possible. 

 Our mission has always been to enhance the growth and development of each child with an individualized Plan of Care that sets measurable goals of progress. This involves clinical care, therapy services, and enriching educational activities. Under our medical director, our pediatric registered nurses follow an individualized plan of care developed in coordination with each child’s physician and family. 


Why We Do It

Our diverse and unique medical environment allows us to have all the providers your child needs under one roof. No more driving from one appointment to the next, we offer all of the services you need in one place as well as free provider-supervised transportation to and from our center. We know this helps alleviate the difficulty that a commute presents to busy parents.


Here are just a few of the clear benefits that we provide to our children and families alike:


  • Nursing, physical, occupational, and speech therapies all in one. 

  • Increased physical and cognitive growth due to socializing and interacting with other children. 

  • A much-needed respite for busy parents to go back to work or school. 

  • Reduced hospitalization, as our skilled clinicians can detect and treat many conditions before they worsen, ultimately requiring an ER visit and hospital stay. 

  • Each children’s Plan of Care is closely followed to ensure measurable progress in areas such as HEDIS measures and growth. 

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