Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the growth and development of each child with an individualized Plan of Care that sets measurable goals of progress. This involves clinical care, therapy services and educational activities.

How WE Do It

Under our medical director, our pediatric registered nurses follow an individualized plan of care developed in coordination with each child's physician and family. This allows our nurses and therapists to provide skilled care and environmental  stimulation with other kids.

Additionally, Sunshine Kids provides a unique therapy program tailored to your child. Our goal is for your child to achieve as much function and independence as possible. We do this through physical, speech and occupational therapies.

At each step, education is an integral part of the formula for success to ensure cognitive growth.


Sunshine Kids provides numerous and clear benefits to our children. Here are just a few:

Nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapies all in one location;

In addition to medical, education activities are taught and measured;

  Increased physical and cognitive growth by socializing and interacting with other children;

Provides a much needed respite for parents to go back to work or school;

 Reduced hospitalization as our skilled clinicians can detect and treat many conditions before they worsen to an ER visit and hospital stay;

Plans of care are closely followed to ensure measurable progress in areas such as HEDIS measures and growth.